Since forming in Brighton, the United Kingdom in 2018, PLANET FOR SALE is growing a regional fan base that has gathered organically with the quartet’s sense of purpose and commitment spreading outwards, offering their fans camaraderie, comfort and a sense of personal power. While remaining original to their sound, PLANET FOR SALE maintains a strong sense of self, ignoring trends in favour of a consummate devotion to their craft. Their impressive songs and gig history includes one Album and an E.P, a daring debut in Iran as an original British band since 1979 impressing and gaining middle-eastern followers with positive record sales. Breaking independent record steams with 6000 monthly listeners and over 10,000 streams worldwide across all platforms for their current rank. 



The band is joined on the E.P by the newest members, Jamie Snelling (Drums) and Tom Mills (Bass) and Natalia Corolscaia (Violin), who also contributed to the E.P and live set up. PLANET FOR SALE’s fresh style of songs combined with a rock-solid rhythm section is completed by the deep voice of the founding member Rooz Golpa, nephew of internationally critically claimed Akbar Golpa (Iran’s Biggest Traditional Singer) and backing vocals influenced by Blues as well as 60's British Rock. 


PFS’s ambition is to create their own musical universe where the “odd misfits of the working class regime can dream”. A dream of a better world, where the benefits of kindness, environmental protection and human and animal rights are leading the way of life.